Since 2009 our family has produced world class quality cannabis products for patients and connoisseurs alike.

Our goal is simple; to constantly strive to be the best versions of ourselves, and always aim to improve on every harvest.

Other than that, we like to let our product speak for itself.

We hope everyone enjoys what we have to offer :)




Trey: President

Trey is the founder and president of The Village. He’s worked in the cannabis industry for over a decade, and is highly respected throughout the cannabis industry for helping found The Village, Symbiotic Genetics, and South Sacramento Care Center. In 2009 Trey helped open one of the first city-compliant medical dispensaries in Sacramento, and was instrumental in working with local municipalities to help craft Sacramento’s medical cannabis ordinance. He’s also the co-director of Symbiotic Genetics, one of the most popular on-the-rise breeding companies based out of California. When Trey’s not working he loves catching Dead shows, golfing, and traveling with his wife. His all-time favorite strain is UK Cheese, and he is known for his highly discerning eye for connoisseur quality flowers.

Michael: Director Of Operations

Put simply, Michael is the heart of The Village. Since day one he’s managed our gardens, set our quality control standards, developed the techniques/methods that make our product what it is, and spearheaded the development of our entire product line. He is renowned among elite growers for his special gift for consistently growing world-class quality cannabis, and is considered by many in the cannabis industry as one of the best indoor growers operating in Northern California. You would never hear him saying any of this about himself because he’s one of the most humble guys you’ll ever meet. Michael is an extract fanatic, and much prefers a low-temp dab over a joint. He doesn’t have a favorite strain, and is always searching for the next thing.

Aaron: Technical Manager

Aaron is our residential computer programmer, technical ninja, & remote sensor guru. He can do pretty much anything (literally), but for the most part he focuses on managing the grow, developing proprietary technology to make us run more efficiently, & conducting R&D to keep us in a constant state of evolution. Prior to The Village, Aaron worked for Apple as a repair technician. We didn’t feel like Apple was utilizing him to the best of his abilities, so now he’s with us. Their loss.






We use Rockwool as our growing medium, and implement a drain-to-waste system.


Our plants are watered with river osmosis filtered water that goes through UV sterilization. We implement a slow-drip irrigation technique in order to precisely water our plants according to their stage of life.


We use Veg Bloom as our base nutrients, and love it! We also use organic inputs weekly via hand watering to avoid clogging lines.


We typically flower 10 weeks on average for pretty much every strain in our catalog in order to express the full characteristics of the strain. We feeling like pushing strains to 10 weeks brings out a richer terpene profile & stronger effect, even when the strain can be harvested earlier and still look nice.


Dual-ended lighting.  


Small sealed rooms. No big warehouses carelessly stuffed with plants.

Drying & Curing

We dry and cure for 2-3 weeks in a closely monitored climate controlled environment.



CubanGrower (2).png

Cuban Grower is one of the most highly esteemed hash makers in the world. He has won countless awards for his superlative quality extracts & flowers. Cuban Grower and his wife Cuban Hash Queen are renowned for their high level hash making techniques. They are one of the few extraction companies in California consistently producing 99%+ purity dry-sift. Cuban is a master of making state-of-the-art dry-sift, rosin, & water hash.


We are proud to have worked with some of the best extract companies in the industry to produce world class quality concentrates.




Symbiotic Genetics was founded in 2014 as a collaboration between The Village & Budologist. Since then, we have developed some of the most highly sought after strains currently trending in the cannabis community including Mimosa, Kobe, Banana Punch, Wedding Crasher, Purple Punch 2.0, & more.

At the cornerstone of our breeding program is our flagship Purple Punch F2 male stud, which we used to pollinate a series of elite & rare mother plants acquired by The Village & Budologist over the course of a decade. The outcome of this project was a plethora of incredible Purple Punch inspired strains; each with its own distinct terpene profile and medicinal properties.

Purple Punch’s signature earthy grape kush & blue gummy worms essence can be found throughout many of our creations. Each strain we create using our Purple Punch F2 stud expresses a wonderful modulation of delicious Purple Punch terpenes & tranquilizing medicinal properties for fans of the strain to enjoy. Everything touched by the Punch F2 pollen has brilliant purple hues, stunning bag appeal, and delicious flavor.





2018 Chalice

2nd Place In Indica Rosin Category -   Banana Punch 9 Live Rosin Flan Processed By Blue River Extracts


2018 Santa Rosa High Times Cup

2nd Place in ‘Cartridge’ Category - Mimosa V6 Live Resin Cartridge Process By Moxie


2018 Central Valley High Times Cup

2nd Place in ‘Sativa Flower’ Category - Super Lemon Haze
3rd Place in ‘Hybrid Flower’ Category - Mimosa V6


2016 Hemp Con

1st Place In Sativa Category - Super Lemon Haze