The Village x Jungle Boys Full Melts


This is our first time collaborating with Jungle Boys Full Melts & Jungle Boys Rosin… and we couldn’t be more stoked!

We’ve been friends with Jungle Boys for awhile now, and when we heard they were starting their own in-house line of ice water extracts, we knew we had to get a collaboration in the works ASAP!

We gave Jungle Boys Full Melts our Banana Punch 9 to process into full melt ice water hash, and the results were spectacular. Banana Punch 9 is synonymous for producing supreme quality ice water hash, and this collaboration delivered as expected!

For this collaboration, Jungle Boys Full Melt decided to release only the ‘90ū micron’ extracted from the ‘first wash’ is one of the most premium grades of ice wax achievable. The remaining grades of hash were passed onto Greg of Jungle Boys Rosin, one of the best rosin makers out there. Greg worked his magic to produce a ‘live rosin’ that has phenomenal texture, and retains the tropical essence of Banana Punch 9.  

This collaboration was a real treat! Both the ice water hash and rosin came out superb! The potency and flavor of the extracts are something else.

Be on the look out for more The Village x Jungle Boys Full Melts in the future!

Kyle Shine