WiFi Mints is here!


This one is something truly special! It’s an honor to be able to grow this incredible strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics and selected by our friends over at Jungle Boys. We’ve received incredible feedback on this strain since it’s release at the 2018 Sacramento High Times Cup. You can expect to see this strain in our catalog for a long time to come.

Wifi Mints is a cross of White Fire 43 (bred by OG Rascal) and a Animal Mints (the same male Seed Junky Genetics used to create Wedding Cake). This is the third time we’ve grown Wifi Mints, and the second time we’ve included it in our main rotation.

The aroma & flavor has notes of fuel, fresh mint, and classic kush. It has a signature kushy exhale with added notes of mint & spice from it’s Girl Scout Cookies lineage. We like to think of it as an alpine themed kush variety.

In my opinion the high has more indica properties. For me it delivers a very strong, thick, & relaxing effect. Not a particularly long-lasting high, but it delivers a strong buzz and works great as a muscle relaxer.

Written by Eric Solomon - photographer for The Village

*All information regarding the effect and essence of this plant cultivar is completely subjective, and not based on scientific research. 

Kyle Shine