Garlic Cookies aka GMO  |  bred by Mamiko Seeds



The hype on this strain is real! Garlic Cookies AKA G.M.O, or G.M.O aka Garlic Cookies (depending on who you ask) is one of our favorite new strains on the scene. It has a one-of-a-kind “ethnic flee market” aroma with notes of curry, moth balls, and musty vintage fabrics. The high is crisp, in-the-zone, and buzzing with Chem energy. Makes otherworldly ice wax & live-rosin! If you love this strain like we do, we already have a lot in common.


Chem Dog x GSC bred by Mamiko Seeds. Chem Dog dominant phenotype.


The aroma has notes of curry, moth balls, musky incense, & musty vintage fabric. Opening a jar of GMO fills the room with an essence that’s reminiscent of an old musty ethnic flee market. Both the classic “musty sock drawer” essence of Chem D (aka Chem Dirty Sock pheno) and the “spicy curry thin mints” essence of Forum Cookies can be noticed in the taste on exhale. A very elegant vintage skunky flavor that fans of Chem Dog & Sour Diesel will enjoy.


The high is in-the-zone, full-bodied, and radiating with Chem energy. GMO delivers a crisp ‘Sour Diesel like’ buzzing body-high without the heavy couch-lock of Cookies. Makes superb extracts that retain the classic flavor of Chem Dog. A great daytime strain, or anytime strain!


This is a supreme hash plant! Produces outstanding live-resin, ice wax, dry-sift, & rosin. In extract form the high starts off with buzzing Chem energy and fades into a relaxing Cookies high. The strength of the body high becomes much more pronounced in extract form.