Sundae Driver #19  |  bred by



This is one of the most highly touted strains out there right now. This exclusive phenotype of Sundae Driver was selected by Jungle Boys. It has one of the most distinct & exotic flavors in our collection.

Thanks to Jungle Boys for gifting us the phenotype, and for putting this strain on the map.


Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie bred by Cannarado.


There’s nothing else out there that smells even in the realm of this one. Very unique exotic fruity aroma with notes of ripe cherry, fruity pebbles cerebral, and licorice. On exhale there’s notes of fruity pebbles, apricot, and undertones of kush. The #19 has a richer flavor than the #20. We can puff on these terps endlessly!


The indica dominant high starts off with a clear head high and smooth body-high that’s strong, but not couch-lock strong. Great for relaxing in the afternoon or evening without any heavy sedation .