wedding crasher 18  |  bred by



This one is very near and dear to us because of everything that went into breeding & selecting the strain. The flavor & high are Purple Punch dominant; but with more indica strength than our original Purple Punch female, & a richer flavor reminiscent of Grandaddy Purple. It delivers a smooth & warm muscle relaxing high along with a tasty grape bubblegum flavor on exhale.


Wedding Cake x Purple Punch F2. This is the most Purple Punch dominant strain of all the Symbiotic Genetics keep phenotypes in our collection.


The aroma has notes of Purple Punch’s signature grape gummy worm essence & classic Grandaddy Purple. The flavor is earthy & sweet with notes of grape bubblegum & gourmet coffee grounds.


Great muscle relaxer! The high is smoother & thicker than Wedding Crasher, but more powerful than Purple Punch. Very soothing and relaxing indica medicine for the body & mind. Great for winding down in the evening!