wedding crasher 4  |  bred by



Our strongest phenotype of Wedding Crasher, and one of the stronger indicas in our collection. This strain has a musty kushy flavor along with a strong soothing high that’s ideal for pain relief & muscle relaxation.


Wedding Cake x Purple Punch F2. Of the 20 phenotypes we tested, this phenotype showed the most impressive balance of properties from Wedding Cake and Purple Punch F2, and was also the strongest phenotype as well.  


The nose is musty & muted, with faint notes of classic kush and Purple Punch. Grinding down the buds brings out a strong essence of Triangle Kush and undertones of Cookies. The flavor is kushy and earthy with hints of both Wedding Cake & Grandaddy Purple.


Deeply relaxing indica effect! The high sinks deep into muscles and unwinds stress. It has the immediate power of Wedding Cake along with the long-lasting tranquility of Purple Punch.